Below is some information on typical classes – this is not all inclusive. Also not that it takes 5 cars to race the class on race days.



  • Stock Buggy – 2s, 17.5t, blinky mode
  • Stock Wheeler (4wd) – 2s, 13.5t, blinky mode
  • Stadium Truck (ST) – 2s, Open motor, Open ESC
  • Short Cource (SC, Short Bus) – 2s, Open motor, Open ESC


  • Euro Truck – (Tamiya Truck) – 2s, stock electrics, USGT spec tires (and/or stock tires)*
  • Vintage Trans Am (VTA) – per rules listed for VTA – 2s, 25.5t, blinky, spec tires, spec body – exception do not require driver**
  • 21.5t Touring – 2s, 21.5t, blinky mode, TC body preferred – Foam Tires***
  • F1 – 2s, 25.5t, blinky mode – Foam Tires
  • 12th scale –


  • USGT spec:
    • USGT Spec Rubber: LINK
  • TC – we are using contact tires from AMain, USGT Spec Foam from GravityRC,  ***These are recommendations, not requirements.
  • F1 – several of us have used the Yokomo and Zen Racing tires.